Chuck Swift Ministries (CSM) is an unincorporated nonprofit Christian educational association organized in compliance with the laws of the State of Kentucky and the Constitution of the United States of America, as amended.

CSM is a helps ministry with a mission of the development, promotion and online distribution of non-doctrinal Bible study resources and ministry helps.

That mission is accomplished through a web platform made up of this main website, three other websites: Family Study Bible, MiniFriends and Grafted In Assemblies, along with our member based social/study website and a complement of social pages.

Current goals of the ministry are the development and administration of:

  • A Unique Interactive Bible Study.
  • A New Abridged, Modern English Edition of the KJV.
  • Associated Printable Study Resources.
  • Plus a¬†Discipleship Program and a Ministerial Association.

CSM is not a member of, supported by, or affiliated with any other ministry, church, government body, or other entity, but is a private endeavor guided by the Holy Spirit and monetized by the founder, member fees and private benefactors as the Lord provides.

CSM is not currently registered as a 501(C)(3) organization: However, a foundation is being developed to manage the project and will be in place before formal launch of the projects.

Donations to CSM are not deductible for IRS purposes at this time.